Hello! I'm Mallory Anderson,
UX Designer & Researcher
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I am a hybrid UX Researcher and Designer, and I’m thrilled to have a career making things easier to use.

User-Centered Design

I involve users throughout my process. I’ve ran participatory design sessions with a variety of user bases; exploring needs unique to accessibility, culture and identity, enterprise technology and service design. I test concepts and designs directly with these users so I can make improvements in each design iteration.


I develop an understanding of users’ behavior and attitudes using scientific methods. Through quantitative research, I can see what users are doing; through qualitative research, I inquire why they act and feel the way they do. These insights are shared my greater team so we can deliver designs that we know will work for real users.

Knowledge Sharing

To stay current with UX methods and theories, I consume and contribute to knowledge sharing in a variety of settings. I’ve given talks on local and international stages speaking to different communities in and related to the field of user experience design. Attending talks by others and giving them myself challenges me to articulate the 'why' behind my practice.


A variety of work examples that demonstrate my process.

Personas for IBM Hybrid Cloud

Research, Personas

Evaluation of Foliotek's Identity Page


University of Michigan M-blem Badges

Branding, Graphic Design, UX

Ojibwe Online Language Learning

Research, UX

Accessible Stall Door Latch

Hackathon, Accessibility, 3D Printing

Contextual Inquiry of County Service Dept


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